Hello There, Traveller!

Blue/Canary/Sanity He/Him/Xe/Xim/Fawn/Fawns 19

Hey there! My names Blue and I'm a 18 year old Australian Hobbyist/Freelance Artist!
I'm mainly digital based, and particularly enjoy drawing animals and fantasy creatures. I've been practicing and learning how to draw humans in a way I enjoy!

Please be patient with me! I'm socially awkward, have trouble holding conversations, and I'm a bit "childish".
I apologise for slow/weird/awkward responses!


Although I have accounts on all the below sites, please do not contact me on Deviantart, as I'm inactive there! I'm most active on Discord!
I will not accept random friend requests on Facebook, I'll need to know you to add you!

Terms of Service

Will Do
Slight/Heavy Gore
Horror Elements
Fanart/Kin/Comfort Characters
Species/Fantasy Creatures

Will Not Do
NSFW/Fetish Art
Vent/Hate/Offensive Art
Religious/Political Art
Real People
Complex Mecha/Armoured Characters

Please Read Through These Terms Before Commissioning Me

By commissioning artwork or purchasing a design by me, you agree to these conditions.

Important Notes
• I reserve the right to decline any commission request I receive.
• Please treat me with respect, as I'll do so with you.
• I will only work with clear, easy to interprate, visual references; I will not work with full written references and traditional references are a case by case basis. (This does not apply to custom designs).
• I will not give out commissions/designs without my signature on them.
• To prevent burnout, I may only accept a few of your requested commissions if you have asked for multiple art pieces.
• I may alter/update my TOS randomly as I see fit.

Do NOT rush me! I will complete your commission in time, and will not start your sketch unless I plan on finishing it soon after. If you rush me, I WILL refund (if the sketch is not complete) and decline your commission. You may check up with me occasionally, but please do not pester me to 'hurry up'.
• Depending on queue, complexity, and my free time, commissions may have a turnaround time of 1-2 days minimum to 1 month maximum.

• Payment is done only through PayPal. Please remember to send payment through goods and services, with no address. I do not do invoices.
• I will not begin artwork until payment is received, unless other terms are discussed beforehand. However, this is only permitted for certain people.
• Some complex characters may require extra payment to complete, however this is highly unlikely.
• I will only do refunds if the sketch is not completed.
• Refunds may also be made If I do not personally believe I can complete your commission.
• Refunds can also be requested if I take longer then the promised completion time.
• Please do not send payment until I have confirmed your commission request.

• You are permitted to ask for progress images of your commission. I will ask if you would want these as well.
• If progress images are not requested, I will still send you a sketch for your approval unless requested otherwise.
• I can only make minor edits after a commission has been completed.
• I can make larger edits or completely redraw the commission ONLY if its still in its sketch stage.

Art Permission
• I'm permitted to use your commission anywhere I see fit as an example of my work.
• You are permitted to list my artwork anywhere without need to ask, as long as proper credit and links are given.
• You are not permitted to resell/distrubute my artwork or use it for commercial purposes, unless this has been discussed and permitted beforehand.
• You are permitted to print and display your commission, strictly for personal use only.
• You are not permitted to claim my artwork as your own.
• You are not permitted to remove my signature from my art.
• You are not permitted to make any edits to my artwork without permission.

Character Design Permissions
• These permissions only apply to designs created by me that you officially own through gift/trade/purchase.
• You can use/display the design for commercial purposes, but not my artwork of them. It must be artwork that you have permission to use commercially.
• You may alter the design as you wish [species, gender, colours, etc], as long as you don't remove my original credit.
• You are not permitted to separate alternate designs/palettes from the original. They must stay with the original design even if traded/gifted/sold.
• Designs I've created are permitted to be resold, but not for more than they have been purchased for (unless extra art is included).
• You may sell/trade the design even if you received them as a gift. However, the design itself is only worth the amount it was originally purchased/traded for.
• If a design was originally a gift from me, it doesn't have any official worth by itself. It can still be traded, but not sold (unless extra art is included).
• You are not permitted to make separate designs that heavily reference the original, such as using them as 'breedables'.


Icon: $3 USD
Bust: $5 USD
Fullbody: $10 USD

Icon: $10 USD
Bust: $15 USD
Fullbody: $20 USD

Icon: $15 USD
Bust: $20 USD
Fullbody: $25 USD

Icon: $20 USD
Bust: $25 USD
Fullbody: $30 USD

Pattern/Gradient: FREE
Basic: + $10 USD
Detailed: + $20-$50 USD

Custom Design
$30 USD minimum